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October 03, 2006


Caprinardo Delirio

We live in a deeply disturbing era.

Peter Trainin

I am convinced that the fall of the Roman Empire is an erroneous concept. In fact the Roman Empire mutated into the Holy Roman Empire. We have a similar misconception about the end of the 3rd Reich in 1945. It did not simply vaporize. In fact Operation Paperclip imported the talent from Germany into the USA and the UK, not to mention the importation of the second rank brass into South America. Our wishful thinking as apparent victors convinced us that things had been taken care of definitively. Not so. In fact modern political reality would please Hitler no end in that it is a faithful version of that which he espoused. His death by the way was faked at the bunker in Berlin and he lived out another 30 years in Argentina. Keeping it short one may conclude that empires do not fall, they mutate into empires of the mind which are impossible to diagnose from the street and which offer far greater prizes than territorial holdings. Viz, The Roman Catholic Church's CV.
Regards, Peter.

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