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June 17, 2006


Al Billings

Thanks for the indirect link to my Hakim Bey site at http://www.hermetic.com/bey/!


Sorry. You have the originals.

Big Gav

That book is a good catch - sounds very interesting.

The TAZ stuff is also intriguing - being a Sterling fan from way back the "Islands in the Net" reference was impossible for me to resist - though it will probably take me ages to read through all of Bey's stuff (maybe its time for a blogging holiday).

I wish I'd followed the TAZ link from Jeff Vail's site earlier.

(and while you probably can't correct it, Al's link above doesn't work - it should be http://www.hermetic.com/bey )


Thanks for fixing that, Big Gav.
In case anyone is new to hakim Bey, he is also known as Peter Lamborn Wilson.


There's a discussion on this at http://www.karavans.com/forum/showthread.php?p=475#post475

Come join us if you're interested.


Sounds like the author is doing the work of Jesus. Only your average fatuous bible thumping American would accuse him of being a commie.

I just ordered a copy of the book. Thanks.


Actually, he's not a communist at all. He's an anarchist. Big difference.

Big Gav

I'm always amazed by people who lump anarchists and communists together (including some anarchists, obviously not having learnt from the Russian experiment).

Thanks for noting Hakim Bey's real name - once again I found myself somewhat unsettled comparing a person to his creative output - he does seem to have a rather dubious background, even if the TAZ concept is very interesting.

Reading up on him on Wikipedia also leads down the whole anarchist taxonomy rathole - given the relatively small size of the anarchist world its amazing how many subtypes there are and how much they seem to hate each other.

Reminds me of that skit in "Life of Brian"...

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