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April 19, 2006



The 20th Century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance:

The growth of Democracy,
The growth of Corporate Power, and
The growth of Corporate Propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

-Alex Carey


Great stuff - 'tapeworm' economy - yup, an almost instant identification, mentally, of what it is we're really trying to cope with. Thanks - keep up the good work.
Been paging thru some of your earlier posts and enjoying the broad spectrum of issues - very nice.



When you try bring up the fact that globalization isn't working, the vested interests have only one response. They try to make you think that you are too dumb to grasp economic principles. They can't argue the facts so their only recourse is to make you question your own understanding of the situation.

Don't fall for it. It's a huge con game.


Hey, great analogy. Bankers (really, moneylenders) do act as parasitoids. I say parasitoids because parasites generally allow their hosts to live, while parasitoids are out of control and kill the host without regard to their own future viability.

But, there's one thing that does not fit the analogy - moneylenders are humans not tapeworms which makes it worse. Our economy is more like a cannibalistic orgy, where moneylenders literally live off the blood, sweat and tears of borrowers.

That said, it's funny that you mention the NYT article (I read both his and the Morgan Stanley piece). This is my reaction after reading the NYT piece:


Keep up your great work.


Peter- Thanks for bringing my attention to the "tapeworm." If memory serves me correctly, I came across Solari some time ago and I probably subconsciously incorporated some of the thinking into my current vision. I found the red button exercise -- reported in the Moneychanger interview -- to be completely in line with my experience when trying to discuss things like peak oil with just about anyone. Most people are only interested in doing what they can to keep their retirement funds intact and try to ignore the doom and gloom -- and seem to be curiously unconcerned about kids and grandkids. The effects of global warming and overpopulation aside, it is difficult to see exactly how this whole financial thing is going to unravel. It's hard to not forecast a great deal of chaos due to the complexity and insidiousness of the current system.

Leonard Haggstrom

Corporations are

the WORMS of the body politic ...
- Thomas Hobbes

... many lesser commonwealths in the bowels of a greater, like worms in the entrails of natural man
- Thomas Hobbes

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