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March 05, 2006



Friedman is a total jackass. Anyone who embraces outsourcing instead of advocating a protection of our domestic industries (through tariffs for example) has drunk the free-trade koolaid and deserves the economic ruin that's coming as a result.

Competition is only a good thing when it is friendly and the persons competing are mature enough to understand that "winning" and "losing" are abstractions and what matters is how you live your life. Since so few people in America grow to realize this basic truth, almost all our competition is destructive, and we motor head-on into a future of emotional (and soon physical) suffering.


Add health care and social security of the things to say good-bye to.


It's hard to make predicitions-especially about the future.


Peter- I'm sponsoring an essay competition that you and your readers might have an interest in. Press my name below for more info.

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