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February 13, 2006


Larry Davis

Well, now I feel bad for the guy that Cheney accidentally shot.He's an old guy, probably has a large family, and they all have to listen to the jokes about their patriarch getting shot and going to the hospital. If my grandfather was in the hospital after getting shot I wouldn't find too much funny about it.

Get well soon, Mr. Shot-In-The-Face.

Mr Bob

I don't usually watch SNL, but this week I should TIVO it. It ought to be hilarious, now theres even more material with press breathlessly asking if Cheney should resign! buwhahaha


Why did it take them 22 hours to call the police and report the accident? Did the Secret Service decide to give The Dick time to sleep it off?

Neil Chandler

Check it out: The Ten Ways Cheney Can Kill You http://www.startupjunkies.org/cheney.html

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