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January 24, 2006



A year ago Brooks wrote that America had become a more moral nation under Bush. LOL!


Yes, I remember that one. Got a good laugh from it.


Hey you shouldn't call Mr. Brooks a peckerhead.


Well, technically speaking I didn't call him that. :o)


Peter- I've been trying to figure Brooks out for the past few months because I feel so sorry for him. You can almost see the party line wheels turning when he is on public television on Fridays. He revealed himself as a true-blue neocon during the Harriet Miers nomination. His disgust for her lack of intellectual rigor was palpable. The following quote from John Ralston Saul (The Unconscious Civilization) probably sums up their position as well as anything that I've seen: "In essence, the Socratic movement has been infected from the beginning by the Platonists' distrust of the populace. Or to fit this problem into the modern experience, the reforming elites have never been able to free themselves entirely from the authoritarian campaign initiated by Hobbes in the seventeenth century. He argued that the populace would run amok unless kept in awe of some sort of authority. And fear of punishment was the best way to control us." Brooks and others were concerned that Miers might not have the intellectual rigor -- or the inclination -- required to defend this position. His delusional outlook is shared by others afflicted with the disease of neoconism.

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