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May 18, 2006



Most activist types I have known over the years become bitter over the years. When you throw yourself fully into fighting the good fight for the best years of your life and then realize that you are impoverished at 45 or 50, it hurts. It hurts like hell. You have to ask why people even bother when the reward is so little.

Big Gav

On the plus side - it seems activism is cheaper than it used to be - anyone can publish a blog nowadays, for example.

There are no running costs - just time. But as most people seem happy enough to waste their lives sitting in front of the TV or killing themselves with overwork, you could look at this as an educational hobby (thats certainly how I view it).

If people want to make money by doing the right thing, there are plenty of green business opportunities out there - and the world needs more green entrepreneurs. That way one can have the bext of both worlds...

(Not a criticism of your post, just an observation - I don't want to see activists poor and hungry either - but I also don't think things have to be that way - and I certainly think people should get into the habit of paying something for information they value - the world needs a good micropayments system - and Amazon affiliates, Google adwords and PayPal begging bowls don't quite seem to cut it).


What annoyed about the first activist is that he refused to do anything even remotely commercial. There were no affiliate links for book sales. No pay-per-click ads. Nothing. I suppose he was operating in a different dimension where money wasn't required.

Sad thing is that I discovered last night that his site had been removed by the hosting service and and replaced with a notice to "contact the billing department."

I think a combination of affiliate links and p-p-c ads would have at least covered his hosting fees.

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