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May 08, 2006


Al Billings

Knowing both (having gone to college with John Michael and been married by Sam Webster), I would follow Sam's thought and avoid John Michael's. The latter is a bit of a nutter who uses his inability to cope with current society as a badge of honor.


You sound like you missed reading Wm. Irwin Thompson. He was up against S. Brand (Whole Earth Catalogue) for Nat'l Bk. Award. When Brand won, the judges supporting Thompson resigned in protest. He was discussing how false the myth of progress is in '68. Start w/"At the Edge of History - Speculations on the Transformation of History." (referred to above). Then read "Passages About the Earth - An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture", written after he walked out of MIT as their cultural historian. You want to start w/his earlier works 'cuz he discusses his crucial rejection of Snow's separation of culture into separate spheres of Art & Science. It's key to everything else he writes.

Then more recent stuff - The Time Falling Bodies Take to LIght - Mythology, Sexuality & the Origins of Culture; Imaginary Landscape - Making Worlds of Myth & Science; & Gaia - A Way of Knowing - Political Implications of the New Biology, W.I.T., ed., pub '87.

My links don't seem to work here. So, you're on yr. own. Might also check out some tapes of his lectures, or curriculum he designed for Ross School in East Hampton.


Thank you for the recommendations. They have gone on my list of potential reading.

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